Do the work you're capable of. And love every minute of it. At Naxcent, we love every opportunity to amplify our clients' brands and businesses.

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Branding & Visual Identity

Your firm is competing with many others. It’s important to stand out and for your clients to easily distinguish your brand from all others just by taking a quick look. Also it’s not enough to be different — it’s also important what that difference is.

We help you identify what makes your services or products unique and find a way to convey it visually.

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Social Media Strategy

96% of your clients or prospective clients are on social media. However, only about 70% of law firms use social media for business; and less than 20% use social media effectively. With the right strategy, social media can be great cost-effective and efficient tool to not just boost your firm's visibility but provide tangible growth to your firm's business.

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Writing & Editorial

As law firms today are expected to deliver more and better ancillary services to clients, producing them on quick turnaround becomes a challenging task for lawyers.

Not just articles and legal updates, professional services firm have started investing in easy-to-consume content, such as, podcasts and videos.

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Search Engine Visibility

A core expertise of Naxcent, where we work together with law firms in helping them improve their positioning in mainstream search engines. Our USP is that all our SEO-experts are lawyers are qualification, and can easily help you SEO-optimise your content, without the content altering its meaning. 

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PR & Media Outreach

We work together with lawyers in widening the media exposure their articles gets. Journalists from a number of leading media outlets regularly reach out to us requesting us to connect them with experts in reports they are working on.

We also help law firms in communicating important firm news and updates to the relevant section of media.

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Directory Submissions

Our directory submissions experts advise and facilitate law firms in identifying, preparing and making winning submissions to prominent legal directories. 

We recently created a proprietary software, easyRank, that helps remove the redundancies in preparing multiple submissions.

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Events & Webinars

With the notorious rise in the number of "Pay-to-Play" events for the legal industry, it becomes very challenging for law firms to identify which event to invest in; and whether at all there's a possibility for you to play without paying. We find the best deals for you.

We also help law firms organise client events of all kinds and webinars on a regular basis.

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Market Research & Strategy

Keeping a watch on the market and providing you with insights on market trends, competitor news and helping you build a solid business strategy to grow in the market.

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Human Resources

We work directly with  individual law students, individual lawyers, law schools and law firms in helping them find the right fit for each other. 

We also strategise and plan events to help law firms keep their talent pool motivated and stress-free; and organise training and development events for them.

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Technology & Cybersecurity

With law firms these days giving their lawyers and employees an option to bring their own devices to office, it makes the organisation more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, which by the day is becoming more innovative and sophisticated.. It is also essential for lawyers to have access to all crucial corporate documents on the go, without compromising on security.

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Legal Career Counselling

We work with law schools in providing counselling sessions and workshops to their students, for them to make a more informed decision about their career path. We offer a long-term training to students in their first year of law school; and a rapid-course to those in penultimate years; and make them become more employable.

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Organisation Structuring

Law Firm partnership and organisational structuring is a very business decision which is often ignored, thereby leading to numerous intra-firm disputes and inefficiency. Law Firms also face a herculean challenge when they are merging their practice, forming a joint venture or entering into a relationship with another law firm.

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