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Branding & Visual Identity

What's the first impression that you want a prospective client to have about you or your firm?  We can help you make that first impression a lasting impression. 

Brand Identity is who you are as a business or organization, and that statement needs to be strong and clear, resonating throughout all aspects of your business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression. Aumcore has launched brands from birth including Logo Design, Voice Development, Copywriting, and more. As a 360˚ marketing agency, our specialty is providing you with the full spectrum of services you’ll require to create or refresh an impressive brand Identity package.


In today’s competitive legal landscape, law firms need to go further to create compelling impact in the minds of their audience. Clients crave efficiency and affordability, and they are adapting to new technologies.

To meet these adapting client demands, the legal industry has seen an influx of commoditization, alternative fee structures, vendor reviews and larger more influential
in-house teams.


These changes have created what The American Lawyer, a legal news and analysis magazine, has coined as the “Hollow Middle” that exists between high-end law firms and cheaper commodity work. This “Hollow Middle” refers to the jack-of-all-trade law firms that are likely to be overlooked by clients with either the funds for high-end attorneys, or the desire for cheaper commodity work, like services offered by several tech-based legal startups. Law firms stuck in this middle cannot rely on prestige or rates alone to ensure business. When browsing the legal marketplace, clients desire a partnership with a methodology and mission that aligns with their goals.

To have a strong brand you need to understand what makes your law firm stand out and appeal to your particular clientele. This is your brand promise.

Delivering on your brand promise through consistent actions and behaviors as an organization helps develop and maintain long-lasting relationships. Effectively communicating your brand promise is equally important. To have a strong brand, consistency on a large scale (cross-platform, social, from TV to print to online, etc.) is essential.


Systems are key to brand consistency

Effectively communicating your firm’s brand is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. With your brand identity on clear display, your potential client can make a decisive judgement on whether you will be a good fit before you meet. This is great for brand recognition and generating qualified leads who have already shown interest in your service and mission.


A Brand Identity System (BIS) is a valuable resource to help ensure your firm successfully delivers on its brand promise.

Building a strong brand for your law firm is vital to helping you compete in this landscape. Your brand is more than just a logo and website. Your brand is the heart of your organization: it is who you are, what you stand for and where you are going.

Great Vs. Average Brand Identity


Before you create a Brand Identity System, you need to understand how law firms with great branding differentiate themselves from a sea of average firms. Your brand identity is not only visually appealing; it has a purpose.

Developing a BIS helps efficiently communicate your law firm’s brand identity between different stakeholders and agencies, preventing common confusions that slows down the marketing and outreach process. Your BIS should be:


  1. Flexible: Design for the future. Flexibility is necessary to anticipate potential changes and growth.

  2. Comprehensive: Provide all the necessary tools to your agency and any content creators to ensure that the job will be done properly.

  3. Intuitive: Your system should be designed so that all elements are well-constructed and made to complement one another.

  4. Accurate: A BIS is a tool to accurately communicate your brand’s essence, values and personality. Creating a visual identity system helps maintain this essence across any medium.

Elements of BIS

There are no hard and fast rules to constructing a system (after all, your brand is flexible), but there are basic elements commonly found in any BIS.

Primary Brand Mark (Logo)

Secondary Brand Mark (Logo)

Colour Palette

Font & Typography

Brand Tone

Visual Brand Extensions

Intuitive Hierarcy Layouts

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