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Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an effective and cost-efficient way to improve visibility and generating new business.

Not only is social media for law firms great for sending messages to connections and reaching out to potential clients, it’s also a cost-effective way to manage your customer care services. You are able to speak to clients and resolve issues much quicker than other methods of communication. Clients will feel more valued if they have a way of getting in touch when they need to.

Sharing your legal knowledge and making online content more accessible is a great way to boost your profile within the market. Social media lets you do this without spending time and money on printing and sending out brochures, or needing complex databases.


There is a multitude of social media channels in the market, but there are certain ones that work well within a legal business environment.

Don’t have the time to implement social media in your law firm? Our specialist team can help with social media management – whether you would like to be shown how you can do this yourself with advanced tools and software or by letting us do all the hard work for you. We are here to show you new techniques that will get your voice heard.

  • Boost your brand – Increase your online visibility and help win new work.

  • Improve your credibility – Consumers are now validating your credentials and expertise through your social media profiles.

  • Flexible – Adjust your package as your business grows.

  • Add-ons – Extend your reach and target specific demographics with Social Media Paid Advertising.

Social Media Strategy

  • What business goals do you want to reach using social media?

  • Who is your target audience and what time of day is best to engage with them?

  • What type of social media channels are best for your particular business?

  • Which type of content will work best to meet your goals?

  • Do you have any promotional budget for paid adverts?

  • What A/B testing can you create to compare how different content types perform?

  • How can you use data to measure the success against your goals?


Need help answering some of these questions? Here at Naxcent, we’ve had years of social media experience and have vast knowledge on what social media strategies work for law firms.

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